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You're part of my story, my memories, my journey...thank you!

I thank the late Aruna Auntie, for being my guiding light in the kitchen when my mom was a thousand miles away! I'm forever grateful for every meal she cooked for me and every detail I learnt about food from her.

Dear Mom, thank you for always being there with your feeding hands and soul satisfying food! Thank you for raising me with the love and appreciation for homemade food! Thank you for every little thing you taught me!

Dear Mona Didi, thank you for being such an inspiring food creator. Thank you for feeding me those joyous meals full of love and giving me our wonderful kitchen memories!

Dear Parna Didi, thank you for relishing everything I've cooked! Thank you for believing in every creative endeavor of my life, including this one!

Dear Mummy, thank you for always being inquisitive about what I cook and appreciating my joy of cooking! Thank you for always sharing every little thing you read or learn about food. I'm so grateful that life brought you into my life!

Dear Rishita, thank you for being in my life! I don't think I'd have thought about this food blog if it were not for you and Saurabh! Thank you for loving every dabba (lunch box) I got to office and always being eager to eat what I cooked at home. I'm so grateful that I've your support and love!

Dear Smiti, I'm so grateful for  what we share between us —our mutual love for food, sunsets and flowers, for the simple joys of life! Thank you my dear for supporting every adventurous twist I've tried on an authentic recipe. What would I do if I cannot talk to you about food and life!

Dear Priya, thank you so much for loving my humble homemade meals so much! Thank you for pushing me towards writing this blog, for your kind words and your friendship that I treasure!

Dear Niki, thank you for relishing every bite of each of my food creations over these years. I'm so thankful that we connected over food, that memory of "me too, chai" never fades in my mind. Thanks for loving and encouraging my writing so much!

Dear Steph, thank you so much for being such an amazing friend who has been constantly motivating me to write that cookbook! Thank you for all the love you shower on my food. Monvida is a reason that I can indulge in some foods at times, and not feel guilty about it!

Dear Antara, thank you for being this tremendous food lover you're. Your creativity and spirit is so contagious! Thanks for always encouraging me with your words, "you're meant to write, to create in the kitchen!" 

Dear Arishma, Pragya and Arunima, thank you for loving everything I've cooked in that apartment we made our home once. Thank you for being 'the kids' I've loved to feed! I'm full of gratitude that our paths met!

Dear Shrestha, it's a blessing to have a friend like you! And, it's even more amazing to share the joy of food with such a friend! Thank you for your constant support and those cherished food memories that are ever so fragrant!

Dear Saurabh, what do I say how thankful I'm every day of my life that I found you. Ah well, you found me! THANK YOU for being you, for being ever so enthusiastic and so supportive for everything I do in life. I love to be away in the kitchen when I know you're around!

To every family member, every friend, every guest I have had at home who have appreciated my food, to every Instagram friend I have found through awayinthekitchen , thank you so much for your love and support!

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